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Zero Void Tolerance in Webs


We were printing barcodes on shipping papers on a web with your system and the product detect did not detect the mark.

We want your system to stop immediately if it misses a mark because our customer does not accept void forms. In fact, we lost a customer because he found blanks in a shipment. No we don’t want print-go repair.

This works from 3.7 P49 and 3.8 P32 .

Max. Repair to 0

Check after distance to 250 (a bit more than the product distance)

Repair to distance 240

Soft stop after Repair: if the max. repair is set to 0 it is a hard stop, 1 and higher a soft stop

Now, with Max. repair set to 0 and the other values set correctly, any missing product detect will result in a hard stop: the inkjet will stop printing and the machine stop signal will be set.

Set the max. repair to 1 or higher if you want the usual handling. 0 means zero tolerance.