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Z records and other gt1 settings

For the Z records, declare a variable M-24 Kick Gate, when it sees a Z (defined here), it will know it is a Z record, goes out at the next reorder gate.

Please add M-24 to the GT1 file.

In order to batch, the data file has to have a marker that tells the batch size. In below examples you see the green records, that’s where M-8 Bundle End is a 0) as defined in end string. But it can be * or #

Please add M-8 to the GT1 file.

For magnetic tracks, one does not need to add the start and end sentinels. % and ? in track1 for example

Please add M-15 MK1 to the GT1 file for track1.
Please add M-16 MK2 to the GT1 file for track2.
It will automatically update also the mag reader length.