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Windows 10 Editor GT Replacement


I have a Windows 7 EditorGT but my customers want me to go to Windows 10 for security reasons, that is, Windows 7 is not anymore supported by Microsoft.

I want to keep the costs down, I can’t afford to buy an expensive controller and an inkjet on top of that, or implement a new interface to my selective machine from Sitma or Müller-Martini. Also, I need the same production logs for my customers.

I want to run Domino-K600, Domino-A400, Domino-Bitjet, Videojet-BX, Videojet-Excel, Kodak Refresh, HP Imager, all eZ-inkjets, serial magnetic encoders, serial cameras like Axode and Lake Image, RFID devices, etc.

What do I do ?

Take the Windows 10 GT controller

You can buy a new controller and inkjet from someone but first contact Graph-Tech USA and check out our new Windows 10 implementation with the following advantages:

  1. You do not need to retrain all your operators and different shifts. We implemented the same user-interface, no re-training needed!
  2. You can use the same shaft encoder and photocell that you already have, no need to replace them!
  3. You don’t even have to make new jobs, our implementation will take most of the old jobs and run them under Windows 10!
  4. You have the same functionality, like read-and-print, selective gathering, etc. that makes the EditorGT one of the most versatile inkjet controllers in the world allowing almost any application, on any machine, driving any inkjet !
  5. With the new SuperTracker that works through the backbone of the internet, the tcp/ip network, you will have I/O hardware for many years to come!
  6. Many new controllers do not even support serial interfaces, but many inkjets and cameras work with serial interface only. The SuperTracker comes standard with 4 serial interfaces and you add 8 or 16 ports more!
  7. Inkjets and other that can be driven from the GT controller:
    1. Domino K600, Domino-Bitjet, Domino-A400.
    2. Videojet BX, Excel, 1610.
    3. Kodak Refresh

Only draw-back: you will not be able to drive old inkjets that have boards that run on the obsolete ISA bus. Thus, if you have

  1. A Videojet Print-Pro or SR50, you will have to go to the BX which has tcp/ip.
  2. A Scitex 5120 or 5240, you will to go to the Kodak Refresh line which has tcp/ip.
  3. A Mailjet from Imaje, not sure if they have a product in this market.