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What tcp-ip ports are used in the controller


I need to know all ports used so that I can setup my firewall on your controller.


First reaction

The controller is a real-time machine that will be slowed down by firewalls, antiviruses, and all other flavors that system administrators use to install in PCs. Most probably, it will hinder proper operation of the real-time properties needed in a controller.

Treat a controller like an island, do not try to make it another PC in a huge network, just map a drive from the prep station or station where you want to transfer data and jobs from.



Ports used internally:

#define MIC_SOCKET_PORT                                “11051”

#define MIC_SOCKET_PORT_DEMO                   “11052”

#define MIC_SOCKET_PORT_POP                      “11053”

#define MIC_SOCKET_PORT_DYNDB                 “11054”

#define MIC_SOCKET_PORT_REMOTE              “11055”



Definable in camera and controller





GT-Jet 72, 64, SG:

#define GJ_IP_PORT_BROADCAST            5000

#define GJ_IP_PORT                                    5001

#define GJ_IP_PORT_SERVER                   6000


GT-Jet 108:

#define TCP_IP_PORT                                  6000


GT-Jet 36 (HP):

#define GJ_IP_PORT                                      5001


Collator (multiple controllers, like Brsitish Bazar):



Definable in unit and controller