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What is the Difference between the Kodak Inkjets and the GT-Jet Raptor



I need to understand what the difference is between the Kodak Inkjets and the Graph-Tech (GT) GT-Jet Raptor so that I can decide what to buy.




Kodak is undoubtedly a photo and printing pioneer company. In fact, the first inkjet we made a driver for was a Kodak inkjet. However, Kodak is now in great distress today and it is yet to be seen if it survives.

Kodak has 2 systems: the Versamark (300×300 dpi continuous inkjet, maximum 17.96” print width, 500/750 fpm) and the Proper (600×600 dpi continuous inkjet, 4.16” print width, up to 4 heads 16.64”, 500/1000 fpm) series.

The inkjets are very fast but do you need to be that fast?

Why do you always need a backup inkjet, are they not reliable?

Main question in short: unless you need very high printing speeds, why would you buy  Kodak inkjets?


What is different?


  • DOD inkjets are simpler than continuous inkjets. The raptor is a DOD inkjet. Kodak offers continuous inkjet.
  • The raptor takes UV and Water based inks. Kodak inks are only water based. UV inks adhere to almost any substrate, the water based inks basically only to porous paper. With the raptor, you have the choice, with Kodak not.
  • UV based inks allow for smaller print on more substrates.
  • The Kodak water based inks are cheaper but the continuous inkjets have to be refurbished every 400 hours to 2,000 hours at great cost. The raptor heads go from 3,000 to 6,000 hours, at least 3 times longer. The total cost of ownership of a Kodak inkjet is high.
  • With Kodak, one has to buy several heads to be able to rotate the head for refurbish. The raptor heads can be exchanged on site.
  • Our inkjet has the “Swiss stitch precision” that allows you to stitch 1-2-3…12 heads in professional print-bars that puts you in a position to print seamlessly 4,25”, 8.69”…30.81”, 50”. Kodak heads are big, clumsy, and don’t go over 20”.
  • The raptor has an automatic capping and cleaning station that prevents damage to the inkjet. Kodak has no such thing.
  • A 20” raptor head can be started in 5 minutes. The Kodak single heads need 30 minutes.
  • A GT head can be replaced in 15 minutes. The Kodak head has to be sent back to the plant.
  • A Kodak head is fast, at least 500 fpm. The raptor heads at 600×300 dpi is slower, 450 fpm. But do you need to be that fast?

The subtle differences


  • Kodak makes a lot of products. GT is focused, just controllers and inkjets.
  • Kodak is not doing well, that is in the news. GT is focused and doing well.