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What is the Difference between the AZ Delta and the GT-Jet Raptor


I need to understand what the difference is between the Atlantic Zeiser (AZ) Delta and the Graph-Tech (GT) GT-Jet Raptor (or K600) so that I can decide what to buy.


What is the same?

The head technology used in the Delta and the GT-Jet Raptor is the same: Kyocera KJ4A for UV ink and KJ4B for water-based ink. Therefore, the resolution, the potential speed, and many other technical specifications that come from the head are the same.


What is different?


  • Our inkjet has the “Swiss stitch precision” that allows you to stitch 1-2-3…12 heads in professional print-bars that puts you in a position to print seamlessly 4,25”, 8.69”…30.81”, 50”. AZ sells single 4” heads. What does that mean ? the Raptor is setup once and you can print like with a laser printer. With AZ you have to struggle like before with 3 or 6 independent Videojet printers.
  • GT has the most advanced Kyocera head integration in the world, Kyocera dixit. For example, the ink is recirculating, AZ is not as good an integration.
  • GT has an automatic capping and cleaning station that prevents damage to the inkjet. AZ will be happy to sell you another head.
  • A GT head can be replaced in 15 minutes. Try that with a Delta.
  • GT offers process color inkjets with Kyocera heads because of the “Swiss stitch precision”. AZ does not offer process color because their stitching technology is not there, it is not possible.
  • You will notice that their print width is 4” in their brochure, ours is 4.25”, 8.69”, … 30.81”and going. We can only guess why, limited electronics…


The subtle differences


  • AZ makes a lot of products and a lot of promises. GT is focused, just controllers and inkjets. Cameras we buy the best and integrate it, we do not think we can make better cameras than Lake or Axode, the experts.
  • AZ was owned by a private equity company and now is owned by a corporation (Orell Füssli,, Banknote business), changes management all the time, has remarkable fluctuation of technicians, etc. GT is owned by Domino Printing Sciences plc, which makes 10 times more revenue than AZ. All GT engineers are still working directly or indirectly for Graph-Tech, AZ has lost a lot of talent.
  • AZ adopts a technology, like the alpha (also seen Kodak, Buskro, etc.), which really was Videojet, says it is their technology, then lets you down or you have to go back to Videojet. We can give you phone numbers to call that prove this behavior. GT makes the inkjet and stands behind its product. We still repair our original GT-Jet 72 inkjet.
  • GT began making inkjets before AZ and has much more know-how and people in this field. AZ was making pictures of GT inkjets at GT before they had one of their own.
  • AZ copies machines and technologies from other companies, it is not a leader, this is known in the industry. Talk to Köra-Packmat, Datacard, Profold, us, and many others if you don’t believe this.
  • GT had a Windows controller for card machines while AZ was still trying to sell a DOS controller. Again, AZ is a follower not a leader.
  • AZ is not shy to offer 5 gray levels in their Delta. When asked, why do you have 5 gray levels if the Kyocera has only 4 drop sizes? Well, we count also no drop as a drop. There you go again.
  • Why does the print width of Delta go from 105 mm to 210 mm. GT’s goes from 108 mm to 222 mm. Where is the superior engineering?