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What files are needed to change the license file in the GT controller


A controller shows the message “!!! The EditorGT License expires in 3 days !!!” or “!!! The EditorGT License is now overdue !!!”

eZ-inkjet head 1705-161023J not licensed.

What does this mean?

Description Controller

The license file indicates whether the controller is licensed to produce. Normally, this is not an issue unless an error has been made in payments or license file creation.

Anyway, below are the files needed to be sent by email to Graph-Tech to reissue the license file. They are located in D:\EditorGT\user\system:

1. The license file itself. It goes by gt__ plus the name given to the computer. For example gt__GT-2017-0123 or gt__DO-2016-3544.
2. The computer id which is stored in a file with the name of the computer plus _id.txt. For example GT-2017-0123_id.txt or gt__ DO-2016-3544_id.txt
3. The MAC address which is stored in a file with the name of the computer plus _mac.txt. For example GT-2017-0123_mac.txt or gt__ DO-2016-3544 _mac.txt

If you have more than one gt__… file, please make sure that you send the one that corresponds with the PC name.

You can check out what is licensed by running d:/editorgt/runtime/binary/release.lic.exe.

The license file will state what is licensed. This controller is capable of running 67 different inkjets/encoder for example.

Description eZ-inkjet

If it says the 1705-161023J head is not licensed, you need to contact GTUS to get a license for that head. If the head came from us, it will normally have a license with it:

You have to store this file in the controller under D:/EZ and in the inkjet under D:/EZ.