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W10-RTX64 Licensing


This document shows how to enter the RTX64 license number and some information about windows 10.

Unlike older RTX, RTX64 makes you enter a long key while the Windows 10 is connected to the internet. Apparently, it connects the license to the harddisk. That is, if you change the hard disk, you need a new license. If you re-clone the hard disk for some reason, you can use the same license, thus, you better have that license saved somewhere.

If we make a controller we attach the Windows 10 License and the RTX license on the controller.

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We are also required to keep a book in case we are audited by Microsoft or IntervalZero. The Windows 10 license comes with our clone but the RTX64 license, you have to enter.


In Windows 10, you can go to RTX64 Runtime/Control Panel and check whether RTX starts at all.


If you hit start triangle, the system will tell you if there is an error. It will for example not start if there is license problem.


You enter the license that starts with IZRTX64 in activation and configuration. The PC has to be connected to the internet

Second, you select the key method. Normally, the keys are already defined (they usually change once a month). Thus, you select the Resident key method and encrypt the file selected with [Encrypt]. But as you can see, keys can be entered: key fob, Hex input, and Text derived


Other Windows Screens:

Do not change the settings that come with the clone or install programs that affect the real-time behavior of the system. Remember, this is not an office PC but a real-time controller.