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Version k Lykos with better waveforms



The new waveform for the eZ-inkjet are here. Although many inkjets run fine, people have found that driving the Ricoh gen 5 a bit less harder prevents jetouts when running fast.


If you experience that, try to load the k version with Lykos loader. The FPGA version is still r. All new inkjets will be delivered with this k firmware


For some transports where ink collects on the nozzle plate due to aerodynamics, we encourage you to use the 3 drop waveform which will make a bigger drop of 24 pl (1 drop is 7 pl) but it will be better because it is a heavier drop. To be able to run the substrate faster, please change the resolution down from 600×600 dpi to 600×480 for example for you are putting also more ink per drop down.


Difference 1 drop:




Difference 2 drops



New one: trigger at the beginning, also here not down to 0V



3 drops: trigger at the beginning, no 0 V