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Updating GT software


You downloaded from… Download Filezilla to make it easy, do not try from explorer.

User: Support
Password: 67DD4ACC
Directory: up-download/…

Or you downloaded from

Password: any
Directory: pub/GT-MIC-Software

You got a zipped release (e.g. Release-3.52G of the software.

What next?


1st step is to load the zipped file on to the controller PC hard disk. Put it anywhere, for example in D:/ You may use Windows explorer to do all this. If you are using inkjets, please beware that you might have to load a new firmware in the inkjets so that it can operate with this controller version. With our inkjet (GT-Jet), I write the corresponding firmware in the zip file, 3.8 P16 mpo – RIP1.64 FPGA1.30 TR1.70 rest 1.53 SG

2nd step is to exit the EditorGT application and to rename old paths so that you can go back if needed. Please exit controller application before doing this:
• Rename d:\EditorGT\runtime\binary\release to for example d:\ EditorGT\runtime\binary\release.old. Release contains all executable programs.
• Rename d:\EditorGT\runtime\language to for example d:\EditorGT\runtime\language.old. Language contains all texts.

3rd step is to unzip the update. The paths are already defined, just put in on d:\. Press extract and WinZip will do the rest.

4th step is to start the application as usual.

4th step if GT-Jet

Go to the software tab in the inkjet operation and download the corresponding RIP, FPGA, tracker, Backplane, firepulse and head.

RIP and FPGA could always be downloaded from the EditorGT. The other only from version …, so they have to be programmed with a special cable and box.