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Update the SuperTracker


I need to update the tracker. How do I do this ?

The SuperTracker is a linux-based microcontroller that communicates via tcp/ip. The programs gets loaded to the microcontroller and fpga with every boot. Thus, one just needs to download the program to the right directory and power cycle the SuperTracker.


First you need to get the update which looks like:

Unzip it to the partition E:/ST of the GT controller.

Second, start a DOS console and go to e:/ST

Third, check that you have contact to the SuperTracker by pinging the IP#. Remember that the IP# is on the screen of the SuperTracker with “ping”

Fourth, type in stupdatev1_74 and press Enter.

If you are not sure about the IP#, you have to enter the IP# as argument, for example:

stupdatev1_74 [Enter]

It will look something like below