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Unicode Issue with old RIP card of GT-Jet 64 and GT-Jet 72



From 3.8 P45 on, when Unicode was fully implemented, we have observed that the old RIP cards in the base unit of the GT-Jet 64 and GT-Jet 72 do not work properly anymore.

One will get a stop like print-go and no data without reason. After 200 products, after 5,000 products, totally random.

Do not update your controller software without updating also the RIP hardware. Old RIPs will have a tracker board on it.




Exchange the RIP card in the base unit. A GT-Jet 64 requires 2 RIP cards.

The product number is 11203 and the list price is $2,911.

When updating software in the controller, please remember also that 2GB RAM is needed in newer versions. You might have only 1 GB RAM in the controller which also leads to problems.