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Training Policy


1) A new OEM wants to train his best technician. What does GT charge for training?

2) An OEM wants to send 3 techs to be trained. What does GT charge for training?

3) An OEM wants to send 2 techs from a customer. What does GT charge for training?



As you may know, Graph-Tech sells through OEMs or resellers. We think our strong point is development, manufacturing, and integration into OEMs machines or processes. However, the customers deal (sales, support) with the OEM or reseller, not with GT

Also, GT is a company that wants to keep costs down to be able to offer discounts to OEMs and resellers from 35 to 50% (volume dependent).

Thus, GT has the policy to train an OEM or reseller best technicians (“Champions”) in TWO sessions for free. That is, GT makes regular training courses in Switzerland and Florida every couple of months. It is understood that the OEM pays for his Champion travel and expenses.

After that, GT expects the OEM or reseller to use those Champions to train their own people and customers. Further training is charged at a low rate.

In selected cases, GT may agree to train the customers of OEMs and resellers for a price.


No Show policy.

Once convened that training is needed and the amount of people to be trained is known, GT asks for a deposit of $1,000 per person. If the person does not show up for any reason, GT will keep the $1,000, otherwise, it will hand back the check to the trainee.



Case 1): first two training sessions for Champions are free.

Case 2): additional training for techs

First tech is $400 per day. Additional techs from same OEM $250 per day.

Case 3): training for customers

$800 per person per day.



  • All training to be held at either GT Switzerland or GT USA
  • All hotel and travel expenses paid by either OEM or customer.
  • Includes a light lunch.
  • Classes not to have more than 4 people to make it more effective.
  • GT can organize a training session by a qualified free-lancer (Beat Bieler) upon request.