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The Versatility of eZ-Inkjet® in Industrial Printing


In the realm of industrial printing, versatility is key. The ability to print on various substrates, at high speeds, and with a range of inks is crucial for meeting diverse project requirements. At Graph-Tech USA, we’ve developed a solution that embodies this versatility: the eZ-Inkjet® printer. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features and capabilities of the eZ-Inkjet® and explore how it’s revolutionizing industrial printing.

Understanding the eZ-Inkjet®

The eZ-Inkjet® is a high-speed, field-serviceable, native 600 dpi printer designed to meet modern industrial printing needs. It can run various inks, including UV LED curable inks, on various substrates. This versatility makes it a powerful tool for various industrial printing applications.

Speed and Serviceability

One of the standout features of the eZ-Inkjet® is its speed. It can print at speeds of up to 375 feet per minute and’s designed to keep up with high-volume industrial printing demands. But speed isn’t its only advantage. The eZ-Inkjet® is also field-serviceable, meaning it can be easily maintained and repaired on-site, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Integration with the GT Controller

The eZ-Inkjet® is designed to integrate seamlessly with the GT Controller, a powerful software solution developed by Graph-Tech USA. This integration allows for precise control over the printing process, including variable data printing, which is crucial for applications like personalized marketing materials and product serialization.


The eZ-Inkjet® embodies the versatility and efficiency that are crucial in industrial printing. Whether printing on plastic, metal, paper, or glass at high speeds and with a range of inks, the eZ-Inkjet® delivers consistent, high-quality results. Its field serviceability and integration with the GT Controller is a powerful tool revolutionizing industrial printing.