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1 processor for eZ-inkjet

Issue I get stops in the inkjet after 500 or 1,5000 products, randomly. Please make sure of below. Settings of the inkjet mini PC Go to All Programs/RTX/Intervalzero and make sure in RTX properties / Control / Settings That it is set exactly like below. To...

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eZ-Set Voltages Once

Issue I get “Please set the voltages at least once on power cycle”What do I do ? Explanation We used to set the voltage every time at start production, that takes 20-40 seconds. Now, we only set it once to save time starting production. Set voltage If it says...

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eZ-inkjet update firmware

Issue I need to update the firmware of the eZ-inkjet. The current software for Rev 3 driver boards is E004_001s and the fpga is X110_000n The current software for Rev 5 driver boards is E004_000u and the fpga is L005_001f How do I do that ? How do I know what Rev...

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RFID Serial

Issue I need to program and track an RFID EPC tag. How do I do that ? Setup Setup the data as you are used to, that is, select here what you want to encode. RFID-Serial is treated like an inkjet that gets triggered after a distance from a reference (PD1 here) The...

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Issue I want to print with your eZ-inkjet from PDF files. How do I do that ? Procedure You select the PDF file you want to print You select the record number in that file you want to start on You press print Background The eZ-inkjet prints bitmaps prepared from PDF by...

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Double Head Incjet HP from ArrayGraphics

Issue I want to drive a 2” (8 HP cartridges) inc.jet HP from Arraygraphics. How do I do that ? This works from GTUS version 3.14 P1k. Remember, the GT controller just sends the variable data, in horizontal 300 dpi. You have to initialize the inc.jet with the jetgui...

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Store and Reset Job statistic

Issue Our back office needs each job statistics after finishing producing a file. How do I do that ? Procedure: go to statistics by pressing this button Press the job button Save the job statistics here, reset them with this button   Input the directory and name...

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  Use of the different sections: clearing shoot of all jets stitch of modules within one head, angle, stitch of multiple heads angle calibration over 3 jets angle shown over density, stitch alignment over density encoder,...

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Explain User Levels

Issue How do the user levels work ? Remember: you are responsible to hold expert or supervisor passwords secret. They can be changed any time if you think they are compromised. You can also buy a security key option from GT, whereby all user levels are defined by...

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Update the SuperTracker

Issue I need to update the tracker. How do I do this ? The SuperTracker is a linux-based microcontroller that communicates via tcp/ip. The programs gets loaded to the microcontroller and fpga with every boot. Thus, one just needs to download the program to the right...

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BX-Bitjet vs eZ-inkjet

Issue I have a BX from Videojet printing on cards. What makes your eZ-inkjet better ? Which one should I take ? Short-circuit Decision Helper If you absolutely want a system If you want to print 2” @ 128 dpi, fast (1,000 fpm) or on a product 5-10 mm away with ink that...

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MCS Eagle or GTUS eZinkjet

Issue I have to decide whether to buy an MCS Eagle or a GTUS eZ-inkjet. What is the difference between both ? Let’s check the head technology The MCS Eagle, like the Raptor we sell, is based on Kyocera heads that came out around 8 years ago. They have 16 rows of...

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