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Supertracker vs Tracker



Both the tracker and the Supertracker allow to tracking a product by means of 4 shaft encoders and photocells that are placed on a machine.



  • Both work with the standard GT controller software.
  • Both can handle up to 16 input/outputs connected to the gray I/O boxes, each with 4 I/O.
  • Both can handle up to 4 shaft encoders connected through PS2 connectors.
  • Both can handle up to 8 inkjets connected through the same RJ45 connectors.
  • The tracking functions are the same. Potentially, Supertrackers can be daisy chained.

You can basically replace the tracker with a Supertracker, all the rest stays the same!


So, what is the different between both?

  1. The Supertracker is an external box compared to the tracker which consists of plug-in cards in the ISA bus of a PC.
  2. The link: 1 GB Ethernet for the Supertracker compared to ISA bus (obsolete)
  3. 4 serial and 8 USB to serial for the Supertracker compared to none (done with optional dflex card). Connect cameras, feeders, etc. without adding another card.
  4. 2 analog outputs: the Supertracker has 2 analog outputs integrated compared to none (done with optional analog card). Connect UV lamps, servo-motors, etc. without adding another card.
  5. All analog outputs are now protected against overcurrent compared to having to change the opto-coupler inside the PC.
  6. All I/O can be comfortably followed on an LCD screen on the Supertracker.


External Box compared to plug-in card to ISA bus


This is important for various reasons:

  • The ISA bus is obsolete. It will not be available sooner or later.
  • The PCs that are still available with ISA bus are 3-4 times more expensive than regular PCs. This can mean $1,000 more.