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Steps to change filter in the Kyocera

  • Empty the ink from the in tank. You can do it by first removing the ink from the cabinet and go to GT-Print.
  • In the Gt-Print go into Service Mode.
  • Then select Print System from the Menu bar.
  • Select Empty Ink from the option.
  • Wait for 15 Minutes.
  • Then Place the flush bottle in the place of the ink.
  • Then go to Print system again and select Fill Ink option .(This will fill the ink tank with flush –For cleaning )
  • Wait for 5 minutes then remove the flush bottle from the ink cabinet.
  • Then go to Print system again and select Empty ink. (This time we are sending flush through the head so that it cleans the old ink)
  • Repeat this step until 3 liters of flush is sent through the line.
  • The next is the important step (Replacing the Filter)

1. Turn off the power to the inkjet.
2. Open the ink cabinet cover.
3. The Filter will be located on the left side .(Look in the below Picture )



4. Remove the screw so that you can slide the filter cabinet out(Be careful while removing the filter cabinet).
5. Remove the tubes and wires that are connected to so that it will be easy to remove the filter.
6. Once you remove the filter cabinet out .Before removing the filter I would recommend to loosen the pump below the filter. This will help in easy removal and installation of the filter.
7. Care has to be taken to remove the knob. Use appropriate wrench to remove the filter.
8. Put the new filter with the spacers and connect the cables and tubes in the previous position.
9. Do not close the cabinet. Turn on the Kyocera and try running flush through to see if there is any leak. If there is no leak then close the cabinet.
10. Run one liter of flush through the new filter.
11. Then empty the tank and fill the tank with new ink.




  • This is how the filter cabinet look.