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Step & Repeat Labels


I want to make the layout for one label and then multiply it across and along the paper. Right now, I have to make each one.

Can you do step and repeat ?

Yes, from version 3.9 P40 mpo. Right now, just for the GT-Jet 108 remote and the GT-Jet 64.





Select the number of times you want to replicate the label and the distance down in 1/10 mm (the number after the period is in 1/100 mm. This is more to avoid cumulating errors when repeating many fields). Here 5 and 100 across the paper and 4 and 200.5 along the paper. It takes the numbers from the data file across the paper first.



Limit 1: # of boxes across X # of boxes along is maximum 256 (512 in specially compiled program)

You can also place the first box at the bottom and enter as box distance across -100. This way, numbers go left to right on paper.

The result is below, you just multiplied the label by 5 across and multiplied by 4 along the paper.



Note grayed out fields. You can only move a box, when the multiplier is set to 0 or 1.


See the fileview below. It has 4 fields, the total length is 9+6+2+1=18.

Limit 2: the maximum number of fields here is 200.



Limit 3: # of boxes across X  # of boxes along X number of fields is maximum 256 (600 in specially compiled program)

Limit 4: # of boxes across X  # of boxes along X total length is maximum 2800 (10000 in specially compiled program)


This is when the data has more than one record, that is, you want to repeat more than 1 field in the data. Below you see 3 fields to be printed. Note, it is important to define the fields in the order you want to print and only printable fields.




Which results in the right assignment below.