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Step and Repeat, too many boxes


Doing step and repeat, I get the message “Number of boxes 280 exceeds maximum of 256” or “number of boxes 60 times length exceeds max. record length of 5600”


Step and repeat is just a multiplication of records but the controller has a limit of memory:

  1. It can only shuffle 5600 bytes of data through the system
  2. It can only print up to 256 boxes

Getting around above requires more RAM, another program. Please try below workarounds 1st.

Workaround #1: define in file view only texts to be printed, leave rest out

A lot of fields are defined that will not be printed, 10 in total.
Muitos campos definidos que não serão imprimidos, 10 em total:

Now below, only fields to be printed are defined !
Veija em baixo, define so campos a ser imprimidos:

Workaround #2: more field into a box

In the layout, try to assemble things that you can do in 1 box. Remember, it is the number of boxes that is max. 256.
No layout, tente por varios campos numa box, Aqui Numero 1 e Numero2 estão numa box.

Workaround #3: define only 1 line across, then use the PD multiplier

Go to the job of the first product detect, you set the product distance normal but the product length a bit shorter. Then define multiple product detect.

If you want 3 product detects from 1 trigger from photocell 1, you want 2 additional. Then you have to define the distance for the first (select it at Set distance for PD No 1, distance 100) and the second (select it at Set distance for PD No 2, distance 200)

Very Important:

You set the distance to 100 for the first additional trigger. This is because you measured on your product 100 mm as the exact distance between the 2 numbers. Now, if you have to correct to 102 to work, you are taking the wrong approach !
You have instead to go to the shaft encoder, and change the pulses per meter by 2%.