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Statistics by object


I need to know the error causes in my machine, by object, in order to tackle the most important issues. This works from 3.13P46.


Go to Statistic and press this button. The values Products total to Status are stored in d:\editorgt\user\statistic\job_statistic.txt and gets reset to 0 with this button when changing the job.

The error statistic goes by:

  • reading errors (? In Axode) ? setup the camera better. The magnetic head pressure, tilt, etc.
  • Missing a photocell (product detect, Synch Point, or Reorder Point) ? problems with the transport at some point (turnover or so)
  • Feeder error (if selective feeders) ? adjust timing
  • Barcode grader. This is a difficult one as graders grade a bit different with many variables
  • Limit is usually the label misplacement or something one checks within limits with a reader
  • Matching error might be a 3 taken for an 8 with the camera ? adjust camera
  • Inkjet errors should be rare. Change the inkjet if it happens too much

Right now, the job_statistic.txt has to be reset here. But it would be possible to do it by data file name, this way, the customer has a better overview and is not dependent on an operator resetting the file.