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Packaging Printers

Graph-Tech’s industrial packaging printers are widely used in the packaging industry for primary as well as secondary packaging. Our printers can image anything from alphanumeric data to bar codes as well as complex data like QR Codes, company or product logos, or any variable graphics, depending upon your packaging requirements.

Our eZ-inkjet family of printers are capable of printing at high resolution (600dpi) in all sorts of production environments. We can print directly on primary packaging like bags, bottles, corks, cardboard cartons, pouch printing, and piping; and secondary packaging such as corrugated boxes, and flat shrink-wrapped packages.

GTS printers are used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for date coding on packaging, box certification stamps on corrugated boxes, and even for printing on wine corks, laminate board edges, and laptop computer cases.

For a free personalized sample ruler or magnification loop please give us a call at 772-569-0066 x3 as we would like to hear about your printing needs, and we would like to show you a sample of our print with your name on it. Give us a call today or email


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