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Capable of up to 48,000 commercial #10 envelopes per hour (in the short direction), the MailRunner is the world’s preeminent high-speed addressing system. It is yet one more way Graph-Tech supports your mission to print faster with higher throughputs and greater uptime.

Made in the USA and driven by our powerful industrial tracking controller, the MailRunner operates with GTUS commercial inkjet printers such as the Marcador and our eZ-Inkjet series.

Standard and custom inks in all colors including clear and fluorescent allow for both UV and LED curing for printing on diverse substrates. The advanced LED curing system includes lamps that support different sizes and up to 16 watts per sq cm of curing power.

The feeders’ versatile design can handle an array of products and sizes for quick and easy setups. Just as simple to set up, the MailRunner’s transport system with a 42” vacuum and servo-driven consistency can transport your products from 3” to 19.5” wide and up to 28” long for much-needed flexibility.

The MailRunner further provides reporting and town-sorting capability, as well as custom software for both distinct and changing applications.


  • State-of-the-art camera and barcode grading for fast and reliable spot-on verification
  • eZ-Inkjet 54 and 108 in 2.125” or 4.25” versions
  • eZ-Inkjet 65 at 2.5”
  • Marcador Pro HP cartridges–based printer at 2.5”
  • Marcador Pro cartridges in a wide variety of colors in water and solvent inks
  • Water-based eZ-Inkjet 65 and economical water-based inks

You also have access to all of the parts, consumables, training, and support you need through Graph-Tech’s in-house resources. Call (772) 569-0066 today to further discuss what the Mailrunner high-speed addressing system can achieve for your business.

  • Solidly built high-performance transport with enhanced vacuum, and servo-driven consistency.
  • Custom software for unique and changing applications.
  • Parts, consumables, support. and training are handled directly by GTUS®.
  • Standard and custom inks in all colors including clear, fluorescent for both UV and LED curing.
  • Support for many printers including GTUS®, Marcador, eZ-Inkjet®, GT-JET printers, Domino Bitjets, Videojet printers and many more.

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