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Setup Zebra – ZPLII


I am having problems communicating serially with the Zebra. It has protocol ZPLII but it will not print.

Is there a workaround?

Possible workaround

Try a null-modem cable, may be the serial connection is not inverted.

See if the port is OK with a loopback between pin 2 and 3 in Service/Peripheral test.

Set the following on both sides:


//          Set Zebra on:   Protocol           None (not in Zebra mode !, ZPL II)

//                                                          Communications                  Normal mode

//                                                          Control Prefix                         7Eh (~)

//                                                          Format Prefix                        5Eh (^)

//                                                          Control Prefix                         2Ch (,)

//                                                          ZPL Mode                              ZPL     II

//                                                          Baudrate                                9600, 8, N, 1, XON/XOFF


//                                                          Password                              1234


Try production mode topsheet with a 3 records file put in d:/editorgt/data/topsheet and make a layout on the first zebra printer.

If it does not work, try running the Zebra program from COM1 or COM2 and print something to make sure the printer is operational.