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Setting Up Barcode Grader


How do I setup the barcode grader so that I compare the barcode read and check the overall grading ?


Define a reader of type “Barcode Grader” first in the job.

Double-click to get the reader display.

Encoder is the encoder of the machine segment where the reader is on.
Trigger from Photocell is the photocell used as reference to trigger the barcode grader.
Mode is always matching for the barcode grader.
Trigger Position is the distance between the reference and when the reader shall be triggered.
Trigger Length is the length or duration of the trigger.
Max. Sequential Errors is the maximum number of errors in sequence before a soft stop.
Max. Matching Errors is the maximum number of matching errors in sequence.
Reader number settings have no meaning at this time

1st Code is actually the barcode read by the reader. According to manual, it begins at 86.
Get Grading at tells where to look for the ANSI grading. At position 36, length 2 (Manual).
Grading OK between is the value of the ANSI grading you want to consider as good.

So, the controller is going to compare the barcode with Match Key 1 defined in the database. The length of course varies between jobs. Furthermore, it is going to mark bad (and reorder if selected) the products whose ANSI grading is not between the limits input.


Please refer also to the documentation (SV Series Scanner Verifier from RJS. Tel. 714-368-2781).

Prices start at $2551.00
Quick Check Model QCOLV-SV100 Verifier is a universal system component that can analyze linear bar code print quality, check encoded data, and detect system failures. In its basic mode of operation, the QCOLV-SV100 performs bar code verification and operates in various synchronous modes.


DB-9 male on unit, RS232C. 2=RxD, 3=TxD, 4=DTR, 5=GND, 7=RTS, 8=CTS
I suggest 115200, 8 data bits, No parity, 2 stop bits. Hardware handshake.


POS    CHARS           WHAT
0              1              Programmable ASCII character. MAKE IT CR (0Dhex) for the GT
2              2              Decodability average over all decoded scans
37            2              Overall ANSI method symbol grade (numeric). Avg. over all scans
87       variable         Actual decoded barcode
X              1             Programmable ASCII character. MAKE IT LF (0Ahex) for the GT


Numeric to Symbol in Average Grading:
• A grade is between 3.5 and 4.0
• B grade is between 2.5 and 3.5
• C grade is between 1.5 and 2.0
• D grade is between 0.5 and 1.5

The reader comes default with start character to CR or 13d or 0Dh. The end character is default space, 10d or 0Ah. Make sure that is set to those values.

Tip1: set production log on and see the grading being logged in matching mode. /etc/statistic
Tip2: set a product below the scanner, go to the reader test mode and trigger manually !
Tip3: This barcode grader has been tested up to 20’000 products per hour. For higher speeds, you might need another one.