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Setting the Encoder


How does one set the encoder, since this depends on the gearing to the machine ?



Go as expert to Service/Peripheral Test. The screen below will appear. Besides checking the tracker software version (here 1Aa), you can also test all outputs by clicking on the respective light bulb or with the run-light button. The inputs should light when the respective photocell is activated.

The encoder can be read on the encoder page. To set the encoder 1 for example, press the [Reset] button and move the machine for say 1000 mm or 1 m. Imp shows the number of raw pulses got. Now enter the Distance of 1000 an press [Calc]. If you are happy with your Imp/m press [Save] and you are done. The same applies to all encoders.


The reverse check box allows you to switch the direction of the encoder, in case backlash has been chosen.


By the way, you can also measure the distance between objects by hand here. Move your product under product detect 1 (check positive or negative edge in your setting), press [Reset] to 0 the mm counter. From now on, you can run your machine to every object and write down the values.