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Serial Telegram after Stacker Bundle Handling


I have a control with a PLC after the stacker that controls bundle handling down the line.

I need a telegram at stacker exit. Stating whether the bundle is incomplete, a character from the database, and the bundle number.


First double-click on the machine and enter type Sack/Bundle in marquee type.

A capital X in text tells the controller to show what is sending to the PLC on an RTX screen. The serial connection is 2400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no handshake.

The controller will send a reset when starting the production: ..R, i.e. space (20 hex), space (20 hex), R, and carriage return (0d hex).

Define Machine data on the column you want to send to the bundle handling PLC.

The controller will send through the serial interface:

A…26, that is A (machine data), space, space, space, 26 (bundle number), CR for bundles that are complete.

A.I.26, that is C (machine data), space, I (for Incomplete), space, 27 (bundle number), CR for bundles that are complete.

So, in a client application, machine data means for example the ramp (Ramp A, B, C, etc) where the bundle is pushed as it goes down the line, I for the handling of incomplete bundles (because one of the products is being reordered), the bundle number for information.

When will the controller send above?

Wherever the last object is placed. Normally it is the stacker itself. In the example below, a trackout was used to put it even farther.