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Separate LANs of eZ-inkjets



Due to possible collisions in the tcp/ip, it is necessary to separate the LANs of eZ-inkjets.


A regular controller has 2 LANs. We will use LAN1 for eZ1 ( and we will use LAN2 for eZ2 ( If one needs to go to the company LAN, please add a USB to Ethernet card for example.


This works from version 3.30 P60 on.







You might need a VGA screen and USB keyboard in the eZ-inkjet 2 to see what you did because you will lose the remote desktop once you change the IP# to Make sure the write filter is disabled.




In the start_ez_jet.bat of eZ-inkjet 2, one has to tell it that the ipbase is 193 (Default is 192) startup-ez.exe -ipbase 193 -statusreqtime 100000

An example is in the zipped.