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Send the data to the inkjet before the reference. OnRp1 argument


I am having problems with a job where the inkjet is referenced to product detect 2 after 100mm.



I get randomly print-go but no data from the inkjet. It seems that there is not enough time to send and process the data between PD2 and the actual print-go.

I am running 1 meter per second = 1,000 mm per second. Thus, 100 mm is 1/10 of a second or 100 milliseconds. 100 milliseconds is not a long time!

Is there a workaround?


Possible workaround

Add a reorder point 1 to the job before product detect 2.

If you have a photocell, better. This way, you will notice whether the product was lost between PD1 and RP1, thus, not sending information to the inkjet.

Also, place the photocell as close to PD2 as possible but as far as possible as not to have the same timing problem. You are doing workaround, needs some art.

In d:/editorgt/user/system/arguments.txt, add the reorder point from which you want to send the data to the inkjet, in this case reorder point 1:

controller –OnRp1 1

With Photocell:



Without Photocell. You can fake a photocell by adding a trackout type control to the job, making a bridge between output 10 of the trackout to input 10 of RP1: