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Rip#1 Print go but no Label Ripped



I get above message every now and then. What is it?


What does that mean?

It means what it says, the controller gave a print go (a trigger signal) to the inkjet but the inkjet was not able to print because the image was not ready (ripped is rasterized).


Possible causes


1) The inkjet is not referenced to PD1 but to a Synch-point or a PD2-4

It is important to notice that, when the inkjet is referenced to PD1, the controller will send around 5 messages to the inkjet before it even triggers it. That is, the inkjet will have many messages in its FIFO and ready to be printed.

If referenced to something else than the first photocell of the system (PD1 usually), the controller will only send the next message to be printed by the time the product actually hits the window of the photocell. Thus, say the inkjet is 100 mm from the reference and the machine runs at 1 m/sec, the controller has 100 milliseconds to send the message to the inkjet which in turn, has to convert the message into a printable image.

On top of that, the controller will presumably be performing many other tasks, that is, it will not always send the message fast enough.

Solution 1: try to set the inkjet as far as possible from the photocell.

Solution 2: check whether you can change the photocell edge to achieve greater distance.

Solution 3: set a reorder point before the synch-point and send the message on the rorder point. For that, you have to set in d:/editorgt/user/system/arguments.txt:

-OnRp1 n            Kick inkjet on reorder point, where encoder is n

Controller –OnRp1 1  (sends message on reorder point before the synch point)

2) The controller processor is too busy

Please start the task manager with [Alt] [Ctrl] [Delete]. Check that the CPU usage is around 10%, in no case higher than 20%. Also, check that the available physical memory is high enough, more than 500kb. In the tab processes, you can also check which process is taking the CPU.



3) The inkjet got a stray trigger

Since the print-go is an electronic signal, there is always the possibility that through noise or other factors, that the inkjet actually gets indeed a trigger without having information in it.

Check that the trigger cables do not run close to motors or cable loops, that the jumpers are set correctly, that the power supply of controller and inkjet is high quality, avoid electrical or static discharges, etc.