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RFID Serial


I need to program and track an RFID EPC tag.

How do I do that ?


Setup the data as you are used to, that is, select here what you want to encode.

RFID-Serial is treated like an inkjet that gets triggered after a distance from a reference (PD1 here)

The trigger signal is defined here and the serial communication here, as usual

In the layout, you say what you want to send to the RFID-serial encoder

Inner workings

The controller will send the RFID box serially up to 3 messages in advance with the following protocol:

nnnnMESSAGE<CR><LF> (controller ? RFID serial box)

nnnn is ASCII 0000 to 1023 with the purpose of tracking the product
MESSAGE is the EPC code, the variable data from the file
<CR> is the character carriage return or 0x0D
<CR> is the character line feed or 0x0A

The RFID box will send back an ok message if the tag was successfully encoded after a trigger or an error

nnnnF<CR><LF> (RFID serial box ? controller)
nnnn is ASCII 0000 to 1023 that was sent above, first in first out
F is a flag, 1 if OK, 0 is an error

Reset to clear all buffers, usually at the beginning of production

9999<CR><LF> (controller ? RFID serial box)

99991<CR><LF> (RFID serial box ? controller)

If Not OK any number other than zero
99990<CR><LF> (RFID serial box ? controller)