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RFID Encoding Systems

Product Details

GTUS’s patented RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) encoding process which we have incorporated into our systems offer unparalleled speed for encoding technically complex RFID products (primarily CR-80/ID1 cards). Personalize all kinds of NFC/RFID smart cards fast and efficiently with no need to buy expensive or complex systems. Ideal for transportation, financial cards, ID cards, and commercial cards.

Graph-Tech is offering four different systems depending upon your requirements.

Model Description 

Entry Level RFID Perso Line.  

Designed to be competitively priced, System supports ID1 / CR80 essential product size. 

Includes CR-80 Feeder, Single 2.4 meter Stepper Transport, UID Reader, 8 Antennas, eZ-InkJet High Resolution 600 DPI, Single Camera, LED Curing, Air Divert, Collection Conveyor.  Capable of Two-Pass for Duplex Applications. 


Transit Runner 

Simplex ID1 / CR80 basic product size with separate print/mag base for greater speed higher volume than eZID-eL. 


EMV- Duplex Duplex Version of TransitRunner. 
EMV Runner Plus 

Roadrunner design for greater product flexibility and size. Simplex or Duplex. TotalMag, Labeler, Multi-Camera Verification. From 8 – 24 Antennas.  


EMVRunner eL

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