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GTUS Launches Game-Changing Open Contactless EMV/NFC Encoding Cardline

For Immediate Release

The GTUS® EMV RUNNER eL leapfrogs existing technologies with our patented encoding process using NFC technology. Starting at $150,000, it is the most affordable high-throughput cardline in the market.

Fort Pierce, Florida  February 12, 2021 -- Graph-Tech USA, an industry leader in card systems and digital high-speed, single pass inkjet printing has launched its newest system, the EMV RUNNER eL (entry level), which incorporates the company’s patented open contactless EMV/NFC encoding technology.

“The future is in contactless payment and identification systems,” according to Markus Portmann, founder and President of GTUS®. “Both consumers and retailers are adapting to contactless payment that makes their shopping experience touchless, safer, and so much faster, even before Covid.  We make every critical technology that we are offering, that is,  GTUS® is a one stop shop for a complete solution that is economical to own and operate and built and supported by a dedicated team of professionals.”

Bill Strater, VP of sales, adds “Graph-Tech’s EMV RUNNER eL combines the already proven and reliable GTUS® magnetic encoder and eZ-Inkjet, the smoothest card transport in the industry and GT controller with its new NFC antenna section to program contactless 5 to 10 cards in parallel. If it takes 5 seconds per card, with 10 antennas, you can make 10 cards in 5 seconds.”

“We pride ourselves on making our technology scalable and easily adaptable for the future,” continued Mr. Portmann.  “That means that you can start with a small system with five antennas and scale up to twenty antennas as demand increases. The more antennas you install, the more products you can produce per hour.