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RFID encoding and printing UID



I want to encode a number to an RFID but print the UID of the RFID with an inkjet down the line. Sometimes as it comes (in hex), sometimes converted to a decimal number.

How do I do that?




In this job, we have an RFID antenna declared as an inkjet type RFID-Serial 189 mm from synch-point 1





If you select UID Hex, it will leave the UID in hex. If you select UID Dec, it will calculate the decimal value of the Hex value received.


Here you tell the controller what part of the data is sent to the RFID



In the inkjet layout or file logger, select Reader 7 or UID to print or store the value of the UID.



It will read Rd7



Note: protocol between controller and RFID

//            pppp/Onxxxxxxx<CR><LF>   from controller to GL.

//                            pppp goes from 0000 to 1023, tracking number,

//                            O=opcode (E for EPC, T for transit),

//                            n=reader#,

//                            xxxxxxxx=hex data like 4D41524B5553, this can be one or more blocks


//            ppppGn,<uid>,xxxxxxxx<CR><LF> from glue if Good.

//                            pppp goes from 0000 to 1023, tracking number,

//                            n=reader #

//                            uid is the unique id of the RFID

//                            xxxxxxxx=hex data like 4D41524B5553

//            ppppBn<CR><LF> from glue if Bad

//                            pppp goes from 0000 to 1023, tracking number,