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Restore Partition C in GT controller


We have real-time issues with our controller and we were told to restore partition C.

How do we do that?


You need an Acronis boot CD or boot USB. It comes with the GT controller or you have to download it. Acronis can be bought in any computer store also.

You need a cloned disk of the GT controller. It comes with the GT controller. Downloading it from a webpage is not suggested, it is too big and often, an error occurs while downloading it.

By the way, we always suggest you make a backup of all your disk so that you can restore it later at any time.



Take the Acronis CD and insert it into the CD



Make sure you boot from CD ROM (press DEL when booting, password is pass):



Select the full version and recovery




Select the *.tib message from the USB or DVD you want to restore



Restore partitions



Select just C to restore