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Reorder R with BX-PrintPro-SR50


I want to print the reorder “R” with a Videojet BX, PrintPro or SR50 on my cards.


Usually, people declare what is being sent to the SR50 as the whole record. Below you see that “TO SR50” is 71 characters long. The maximum length of a line is 250 characters. Thus, if you want to send 400 characters, you will have to break it in two.



Now, what happens is that the controller sends the “TO SR50” and pads up the message up to 200 with blanks, on 201, the R is added.

Thus, in the ImagePro software from Videojet, as you declare fields, you state for example that the customer number is \#external.inf\#, 21-34 (or {21-34} once it knows that data comer from external) and you declare the font or barcode, its size, etc. With the R, you can assume that it comes at position 201, so you declare the “R” as a font and say {201-201}.