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Reorder after Number Mode


I want to reorder after a given number of cards because I organize batches in 2,000 products, not after a batch, not into a reorder file.

That is, after 2,000 cards, I want to redo cards that were bad during the last 2,000 product run.

The feedback from the customer that implemented this is that he saves 2 hours a day. ½ hour per machine and he has 4. For him that is about 50,000 cards more.



In the machine page, set the reorder mode to “Reorder After Number” and set the number on the right, here 20.



Of course, it is absolutely necessary, that the reorder number (above 20), is a multiple of the bundle size (below 10)




Below 5 to 20 are bad, they are remade after 20. Number 5 twice.