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Remote File Label Printing


I have a label layout program from Nicelabel that allows to trigger (print manager) a label from a file. Thus, I need to store a file with the information to be printed on a hot-folder of a remote computer. How do I setup that ?

Works from 3.13 P40.

The configuration (all networked) might look as follows:

New: Remote File

There is a new label printer type that has to be added to the license file called remote file that does just that. Define the Target Location if needed (here a mapped drive G) and the type.

Target can also be an IP number or a PC name that can be seen in the network, for example: \\\sack or \\label-pc\sack.

Declare also what type of printer it is, topsheet will receive data from the topsheet file.

When the product with a * arrives at the end of the machine, the controller will create the remote file, from that moment, Nicelabel takes over and prints the data in the desired printer.
If it does not print anything, please check the controller log file and the target directory. If the file is in the target directory, check the print manager of Nice label.

In the topsheet and sack file, define AS FIRST field the path and name where the file should be stored. As second the All a record content. The rest is not needed.

Declare what has to be sent, it is very important that the name of the file taken from the data is declared as Text 1, the whole Content is Text 2.

REMEMBER to define a stacker in your job even if you are not using it. The stacker is the object that produces topsheets.