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Refurbish What makes a good GT64


The GT64 I got repaired somewhere else does not print as good as the ones you repair and it got a bunch of jetouts after a couple of hundreds hours. With yours I got thousands of hours.


What makes a good refurbished GT64 ?

Things to look for with a pirate repaired GT64

We repair heads in a double clean room, then inside a clean box to avoid any particles to get into the inkjet system and ultimately into the nozzles. We have seen people trying to repair an inkjet on the shop floor, any particle that gets into the system can clog a nozzle.

Our techs have been repairing inkjets for many years and were trained at the manufacturer, certified by the manufacturer. Other people have no experience, no training, etc.

We use original parts, Graph-Tech does not sell those parts to pirates. Thus, they come up with own parts which are not in the exact tolerances needed. See also stepping below. The problem is that pirates force their parts into the base plate damaging it. We have had to replace all parts after such an event, that makes the refurbish more expensive.

Remember that a GT64 consists of 6 jetting assemblies in pairs of 2 (1&2, 3&4, 5&6) that have to be aligned perfectly from top to bottom.
In the pirate inkjet above 1&2 look OK at the beginning, a 300 dpi inkjet but it becomes a 150 dpi inkjet, 5&6 stepping goes in the other direction, this is really bad. Barcodes will not grade well, texts will have stripes, etc.