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Reader and File Logger


I have a machine that cuts a book that then goes to 2 stackers. The book has to be addressed in the plough or on the mailtable.

This is called the Digest Merge option and is an option for the machine. Order PN 83160: Special Interface Options, Level 1, mention Digest merge production mode.


The data has to be fixed record size. As you see below, the record size is declared as 96, actually double as long as it is. But isn’t digest merge a book with 2 addresses

Declare the reader mode as logg. Set the number of digits you expect (here 9).

In the File Logger, declare like with another regular inkjet, the fields you want to get printed. In this case, they are going to be logged in D:\EditorGT\etc\statistic\log split with the name of the original file and the record number (e.g. data 1-1000).
Notice that you can enter the splitting size which must be 1’000, 10’000, 50’000, or 100’000.