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Reader and File Logger


I want to make my own report (if so go directly to file-logger, skip the reader setup)


I want to read a code from a preprinted product with a camera, print sequentially from a data file, and produce a file containing the code linked to the record in the data file. That is, I want to know what code went with what customer.


Make a job with a camera and an inkjet type “File Logger” for which you must have a license.

Now, from 3.58 P30 on, regardless of what you define, the Information is sent to the file at the last object in the machine, in the example below the gate. This way, you don’t have to bother with references. Please define the same reference and distance as the gate!

Declare the reader mode as logg. Set the number of digits you expect (here 9).

If you had the split set to 1’000, the directory to c:/logger, GBR to GR (only good and reorders, no bad ones) and the file name was big bundle size, you will find the following files (first is the gile name then GBR, then split) as you produce:


If you want to add a header with your own definition, place your text in d:/header.txt. Every time a log file is created anew, your header will read from that file. Make sure it has a carriage return line feed at the end.

Part number

The part number is 83178 and it costs 2,500 per controller.