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Read-Delete-Print or Batching


I want to read a code with a camera, search in an index file for that code, if found, I want to print it and erase that record from the index file so that this record does not get produced again.


Pre-printed, I have 10 products of batch 1 (72/97 batch), 10 products of batch 2 (72/96), 10 products of batch 2 (72/95), and 10 products of batch 2 (72/94). I want to read the batch number and print each record of a batch once.



As soon as the controller gets the code to be read, it will search for that code in the indexed database, which can appear more than one time, if it is found, it will take read the text to be printed from the record and erase it. If the code is not found, it is probably a misread or the database is false.

If there are 10 records with the same code initially, there will be 9 now because one was deleted.

Hence, the distance between the reader and the inkjet is important, do not stop the machine if there is a product between the reader and the inkjet because, as soon as the code is read, it is scheduled to be printed.




Set the mode in the reader normal as “Read and Print”




As always, the Sort-Key is:

  • A defined length, here 5. Thus, if you use just numbers, make sure it is 5 long, even if you have to use leading zeroes.
  • The same length must be transmitted by whatever reader you are using. That is, if you are looking for “00005”, the reader has to deliver the string “00005” in its message.
  • The characters allowed for Sort-Key are all numbers (‘0’ to ‘9’), all ASCII letters (‘A’ to ‘Z’ and ‘a’ to ‘z’), and separators like ‘.’, ‘-‘, ‘;’, etc. Those characters should work 99% of the time. If you need other characters, try it first. Hex 00, ‘\n’, and ‘%’ will not work because they are used for other stuff in the language ‘C’ used in our controller. Besides, take consideration of what the poor camera is capable of too.