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We want to read 4 numbers (children) from 4 different cards to be affixed on the same carrier and check whether they have been produced already. If yes, we want to divert the product. Only supervisors or higher may reproduce a duplicate card.

Works from 3.13 P25.


Set the production mode to Read-Check4-Double in the machine tab. Needs a license.

Index a database with the Children information declared as M-14 Sort Key and declare an empty spot as M-23 Mark done

As you produce, the ones that have been read will get a “1” the first time, then a “2” the second time

In the Reader set the mode to Read Check4 Double

If a product is read twice by any camera and in user type = operator, the card will be put out the gate and you will have the text in the log file.

Key [1234567890] already produced. Will be diverted !!!