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QC Record Kicks Gate with Trackout


I want to include a quality record in my files and kick them out at a gate. How do I do that ?

By the way, this principle applies to any signal you want set that depends on data, like adding for example a sticker to a magazine, reminding a customer to renew the subscription.


Add a column in your file and declare it as a 1 in the records you want to kick out the gate as quality records, then declare it as M-13 Trackout. Note 0 or Blank is no trackout, anything else (“1”, “Q”, “#”) is kick it.

Note, here you have it as 1 trackout, you can declare as 4 trackouts dependent on data, “0001” for example would mean that track 1,2,3 are “0” and trackout 4 is “1”

In the Trackout, declare it as dependent on the data. Here the OUTput 3 will be set after the distance input in job if the data of that record has anything else but blank or “0”. The length can be track (so many millimeters), a time ( so many milliseconds), or as long as the product is (high until the next product)

So, 200 mm after product detect 1,  Out 3 will be set for 2 mm if the data of that record is anything else than space or “0” for M-13 Trackout. You would have to wire that output 3 to the gate.