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Product length and Product distance-Repair



What does product distance and product length mean?

If the photocell misses a mark, how can I repair it? Please see AM99 Repair Print-Go

Note: it is very, very important that the strokes per meter is set correctly in order this to work right.


Settings in Product Detect 1



The Product length determines the image length in the layout



You may ask yourself, why don’t you set the product length automatically according to the product distance. The reason is that some inkjets cannot rip the images fast enough. Making the product length (or product image for that matter) allows you to print faster because the image is smaller.


Error in product distance measurement à à Correct it please !


Please make sure that product distance measurement is right. If your product distance is 310 mm but the controller is showing a measurement of 290 mm, the pulses per meter is wrongly set!



In a web, the measurement below while in production, it measures 403 mm instead of 310. If you are sure that the product to product distance is 310, the pulses per meter are wrong by 30%.



In a web, this measurement cannot oscillate more than 1 mm, otherwise check:

  1. The mark is properly printed
  2. The photocell is properly set to read the mark
  3. The paper tension is good