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Problems installing new EditorGT Version


The software was installed correctly on D:\EditorGT. But it would not start up.

Even using a dos console and starting the program from the directory D:\EditorGT\Runtime\binary\release with “central_controller –trace 0”, a message would come “Failed to copy from d:\editorgt\runtime\binary\release\serial_asynch.rtss”

Weird was that the same procedure worked with other controllers…



Delete all subdirectories under c:\winnt\rtss but 010. Otherwise you might have to reinstall RTX. You can also use the batch “Run Once After Installing New Version.bat” included in this email before you start the EditorGT application.

By the way, reinstalling RTX (an exe file is in every controller in partition E:\install\…), if you are asked for the customer id, it is 37867, asked the license, it is 7739564509.

After start, RTX (the realtime kernel) makes automatically a new one.

By the way, please remember that after finishing an installation, to always copy your work on D:\EditorGT to E:\EditorGT. This will make a copy of what you have done and works. You or another person will be glad to have this if the customer is in trouble.

If you want to find out more about problem when installing a new software version, do the following:

· In d:\editorgt there is a program called “Run Once After Installing New Version.bat”. With Windows Explorer, double-click this program which will erase RTX stuff from the last version. I am enclosing this batch in this email.

· Start a DOS console. Every EditorGT has a DOS in [Start] that takes you to the directory d:\editorgt\runtime\binary\release

· From the release directory, type: central_controller -trace 0 [Enter] and inform what program did not make it by looking for the program that died. A text like “serial_asynch died” will appear.

· If everything is OK, start the foreground EditorGT from [Start]. You can still go back to the DOS console and check the servers.

· May be the problem is that the job is corrupt. You will see it if the RTX appears after selecting the job.

· If you spotted the program that died, you can also go to d:\editorgt\user\system\arguments.txt with Windows explorer-double click. You can type in after for example serial_asynch -trace 1 and save arguments.txt. You just need to stop and start the application and you will get more information on a console.

· The causes can be several: NT does not give a resource free, the license file is wrong for the hardware installed, a job is corrupt, a program is corrupt (happens sometimes when loading file from internet), etc.