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Printing Covid ID Card with High Security

General: printing secure COVID ID cards

This document shows how to set up a job where specially made QR codes are linked in the data to be able to print a Covid ID card like the one shown below:

Covid 19 Card

I am going from the enclosed example jpg that we received from you, where you can see the variables

  1. Family name: 35 characters, padded with blanks
  2. Given names: 35 characters, padded with blanks
  3. Number of passport: 8 characters
  4. Number of id card: 8 characters
  5. Card number: 9 characters
  6. Date and type of vaccination: 50 characters, padded with blanks
  7. Tif: 18 characters, use the card number as unique reference
  8. url: 166 characters, is the actual weblink,

1 to 6 are variables to be printed, 7 is the name of the unique tif that goes with that person. The length is arbitrary but it would be good to define and stay with it.

The Image that holds the datasecure:

The TIF is a special QR code called IQ-R code that connects to blockchain technology with 3 levels of protection:

  1. Track and Trace system based on the unique identifier in the 2D code.
  2. ECDSA Digital Signature to check the data authenticity and verify author. The authenticity can be checked with a licensed app on an iPhone or Android device.
  3. Dynamic copy protection in the image to check that the print is genuine.
Printing Covid Id Card Image 2

The Variable Data to be printed

The data comes in a flat file containing all printable variables plus the name of the unique tif for that record.

Printing Covid Id Card Image 3

The Layout to be printed

Declare “Fontsize” here and the font size will decrease if the text does not fit in the blue box.


The barcode printed will be read and matched back to the database

Printing Covid Id Card Image 5

You can configure your report of each card that passed the machine

Below will produce a report file with fields that you can add like, date and time stamp, data from the database, and process information like status and operator name.

Printing Covid Id Card Image 6