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Print Variable Bitmaps Background


I need to print thousands of variable bitmaps, for example, the first 10 records bitmap1, records 11-20 bitmap2, and so on.

How do I setup this Job ?


First you have to have data containing the name of the bitmap file, here a 14 bytes long. Notice that from record 1 until 10, the bitmap name is china-0001.png (it can also be abc-001.bmp, just make it an incremental number with leading zeroes). Record 11 unitl 20 have the bitmap name china-0002.png, and so on.


Not go to the layout, box 0, set the path to where the bitmaps are, set the variable that defines the filename (here bitmap, remember data ?). You see here, bitmap 1 is shown.

If you go to the next record, which is 11, the bitmap changes. This will happen while printing too. You Can see the ink needs here, 2.1 liters for a million products.

Bitmap Files

The files (this is just an example) are in a folder and have the same name with incremental number with leading zeroes.

Data file