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Print Front Sequential then Back Random


I want to print the front of a web with a Raptor and print a barcode that I can read later to print the back of the web with the corresponding information synchronized.

I also want to check with a camera if the print is good. Products that are bad have to go into a reorder file.


The job 1 may look like below: shaft encoder, photocell, 1 inkjet, 1 matching camera

Declare Mark Done and Sort-Key in the data. The Sort-Key will be the barcode you print to read later.
You have to index for later with [D]

The mode is sequential and the bad products will be put in a reorder file.

After printing one side, the configuration takes a reader in front of the inkjet. Job 2

This Reader in Read and Print mode. Note that the 1st code is the Sort Key, what comes from Reader 1

If you want the GT controller to correct readings, set bundle check. If it is more than +1/-1 set Auto.

The production mode is Random, the Reorder File is selected

The Reorder file will have the bad products. The name is the original with the appendix .REORDER