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I want to rip and print PDF files in real-time with the Kyocera integrated into the GT controller. How do I do that ?

I want to change the resolution so that I can print faster !




You need a PDF file that contains what you want to print with the Kyocera and you need a flat file (txt) that contains what you want to check with cameras, print with other inkjets or other control signals like bundle end, etc. to perform the standard controller functions as many know them.



PDF2BMP program


First you need at least 1 powerful server (i7 or more) where you want to install the program PDF2BMP. This program converts PDF pages into bitmap pages in real-time on commands received from the standard GT controller.



This is on my laptop. Servers should do 3-10 times faster.




Easy, the GT controller tells PDF2BMP at start, to prepare the first 64 pages. Then more as you print.  You can change that to 32 by entering inkjet0 –bufsize 16 in d:/editorgt/user/system/arguments.txt

Settings in Controller


Below the regular job setting for an inkjet




You can select the file in the mapped folder M:/ of the server (the GT controller and the Kyocera inkjet must be mapped as M:/ to the location in the server where the PDF files are), then select the file in a regular file dialog






Matching (Important)


It is very important in any production environment, to implement quality control procedures. One of the most effective is to add a camera to control that the inkjet is printing right and in the sequence intended. Below you see a reader after the inkjet, even a gate to divert or mark bad products.



At the very least, you should check that everything is in step every 1,000 products by introducing a quality record that you keep for archiving.