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No Daisy Signal


People have been setting the –nopd argument for inkjets in the arguments.txt that is in d:\editorgt\user\system directory. That way, the controller does not stop with the message (nr. 506 or 507) “Print-go print confirm not in time”.

While this might be OK at installation time, it shall not be left on when you leave. Especially, with read-and-print applications, or applications with more than one inkjet. Why ? because the EditorGT checks with this very signal that the inkjet received the information and printed it with the respective print-go.

Solution: take Beat Bieler’s suggestion

Suggestion jumper settings for Jetarray

· Use Jetarrays +12V power supply to run controller I/O

· Set Jetarray daisy chain output (NPN) jumper to „No pull up“

· Change resistor for Print Confirm to 2400 Ohms (for 12V operation)

· Set inkjet jumpers to NPN, external powered


+24V Supply from PC (not used) + Supply to/from Connector + Supply to/from Connector (+12V Jetarray) LED Anode Input Signal from Connector LED Cathode GND Supply to/from Connector (0V Jetarray) GND Supply to/from Connector GND Supply from PC (not used) Inkjet Jumper Jumper open I/O not powered from internal supply Jumper closed LED cathode to input for NPN Jumper closed LED anode to pos supply Jumper open I/O not powered from internal supply

Resulting circuit:



The next encoder boards should come like above as default. Until then, please check it.

By the way, I check the print confirmation by setting inkjet in internal stroke and print-go, and check in the EditorGT in peripheral test, whether the print confirmation is there.